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RSS Feeds Explained


What is "RSS"?  The 401 on XML...

To better explain the RSS Feed feature on websites, I searched for the most simplified explanation of RSS'ing and copied below.  This write up, from the University of Kansas' Libraries website, does a good job at explaining the how/what/why basics.  If you have further interest, a quick Google search will land you a plethora of information: Google = "Understanding RSS Feeds"

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Understanding RSS News Feeds

What are RSS News Feeds?

News feeds, often referred to as RSS, is a way of customizing and delivering up to the minute information in an online environment. RSS Stands for "Rich Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication." RSS is basically a technology that is used to gather and distribute Web based news from newspapers, Web sites, Web logs, magazines and more.

When you see a symbol that (says RSS 2.0, ATOM 1.0, or XML) on a Web site or blog page, you know that up to the minute information from that site is being syndicated out on a RSS news channel feed. Additionally, you can subscribe freely to that feed and get breaking news from that site delivered to your news reader.

Why would I want to subscribe to a RSS news feed?

News feeds can save you time and simplify your routine online information gathering experience. For example, if there is a site you check regularly for updates, that offers a RSS news feed, you may want to consider subscribing. You will then receive news from that site updated in your news reader. The updates will appear as headlines or summaries. By clicking on the headline you will be taken to the full story or article on the site. Headlines you may have missed will still be available in your news reader as well. Instead of spending time surfing to sites and sifting through material, content is delivered to you, summarized for quick discretion.

Where can I get a RSS news reader?

There are numerous free and proprietary news readers. What would distinguish one over another is much a matter of personal taste, preference and cost. We have reviewed several of the most popular news readers. Here are some we can recommend accompanied by some basic usage instructions.

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