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What is 25Down.com?


Thanks for checking out 25Down.com! This is my personal portfolio, which includes a number of my professional & personal projects.

The small sliders above showcase some of the business services that I offer, including:25Down Logo

  • Custom-Built PCs & Computer Networks
  • Website Implementation & Online-Presence Strategies
  • Lean / Six-Sigma Business Analysis
  • Product Prototype / Patent Consulting
  • Graphic Design & Company Image Profile
  • Home Media Entertainment Systems
  • Construction & Renovations (Now an official LLC! - Check out www.GoConstrux.com)

Feel free to contact me regarding any of the above for you or your business!

The content on 25Down.com includes some ventures related to my professional career, my meddling in web & graphic design, a variety of construction jobs from over the years, and some random weekend projects (such as a hovercraft that my brothers and I made when we were quite young).

And, while I greatly enjoy photography, I never invested the time or money into honing the art. So, any photo galleries that you see here are just my attempt at amateur photography.

If you're seeking some expertise in the areas noted above, please contact me with your inquiries.  If you're here for the first time or just to browse, I hope you find some entertainment in the various ways I invest my time.


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